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Shire Systems Limited

The complete Maintenance Management Software solution – that’s affordable.

Established in 1982, with over 10,000 customers, Shire Systems is an award-winning provider of business-to-business asset, materials and service management software systems. 

You can use our software straight out of the box to take control of Asset Maintenance, Facilities Management, Service Management, Electrical Testing, Health & Safety and Quality Assurance. 

Shire Systems has recently overhauled its range of uniquely easy-to-use PIRANA CMMS products – at a price that’s unrivalled.  Pirana offers a choice of setup and support that is second to none: whether installed on your own server, or the stress-free fully hosted option, there is truly something for everyone. 

Getting buy-in for a maintenance management system has always been a challenge for hard-pressed managers but successful companies know how crucial it is to select the right CMMS. Shire CMMS is produced uniquely BY maintenance professionals FOR maintenance professionals. That is why Shire, who have 30 years’ experience, are the UK No 1 provider. 

Shire has constantly been the front runner in the usability stakes and so its browser based CMMS solution is also available as a hosted service. For a modest monthly fee, you get a fully functional Computerised Maintenance Management System whilst avoiding all those time-consuming IT hassles. If you’re short on funds, lack IT skills, or just resent IT issues distracting you from core business, it’s the ideal solution. 

Shire hosts the system in a secure data centre, managing the whole service, so securing data preservation and disaster avoidance. You just need a PC, notebook, laptop or mobile with a web browser. Talk to Shire in the morning and you could be using your system later that day! 

Shire CMMS solutions offer the fast route to first class CMMS implementation. Being able to use the system ‘straight out of the box’ and from a mobile device or laptop provides true flexibility. The uniquely intuitive interface is easy to navigate using recognisable icons, handy menus and searchable grids. Shire has gone to great lengths to make sure that its software is not cluttered with unnecessary features & gadgets. It does what it says on the tin! 

The interactive dashboard transforms the way you and your team manage the maintenance operation. Users can see vital statistics at a glance. This encourages everyone to monitor the system on a regular basis, enabling transparency and driving productivity, enabling your team to accomplish more every day. 

Having a real-time view of your asset performance and full understanding of your resources is vital for maintenance management. Shire CMMS gives you essential control, with graphical KPI reports providing at-a-glance insight into performance across multiple locations, enabling you to make informed decisions. 

All CMMS providers boast features designed to entice. Shire’s pioneering systems offer unprecedented functionality for the price. Shire CMMS is not just easy to use but also facilitates powerful searching, is customisable, can be presented in different languages or terminology and offers a broad choice of security setup. All the key features are easy to locate.


Value for money

For added flexibility the Shire CMMS suite is available in independent modules. You can purchase the modules you need and add to them at a later date as necessary. 


Try before you buy

As experienced providers, Shire are confident in offering their CMMS solution on a trial basis. Shire can quickly set up a fully functional demonstration system. Just call or email! 


Mobile Solutions

It is essential that all users are able to access your maintenance system wherever or whenever they like. Shire CMMS mobile solutions enable users to access worklists and update job information easily whilst on the move. 

Shire attained the BS EN ISO 9001:1994 quality standard accreditation in January 2001. In 2002, Shire was among the very first organisations to receive accreditation in terms of the updated, process-based standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000. Shire achieved Microsoft Partnership status in 2005. 


Why wait when a top class CMMS now costs so little? 

Shire offers a FREE, no-obligation, fully functional demonstration system.

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