Monday, December 6, 2021
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SICK (UK) LTD, in St Albans, Hertfordshire since 1973, are the UK
subsidiary of SICK AG (Germany) who celebrated 70 years in 2016.

We have a wide network of Sales Engineers, Service Engineers, Distributors
and resellers throughout the UK and Ireland. As an experienced system
partner for many major projects, SICK not only offers a wide range of
leading edge products, but also a comprehensive package of vital know-how,
service and support. You will find SICK products in daily use throughout all
industries, serving the widest imaginable range of applications in all sectors.

Reliable sensor solutions for a safe food chain

Progress in food technology, the globalisation of trade, and shifts in our eating habits have created new conditions for the production and consumption of food. Not only are food chains becoming increasingly global, they are also becoming more and more complex, often leading to health risks in food supply. Information on origin, quality, and safety of the food we eat every day is therefore equally important for both consumers and the food industry.

Track and trace plus quality control

Sensor technology from SICK guarantees reliable data acquisition and quality assurance along the entire food chain, characterised by its high degree of integrability into your existing system networks and its selection of compatible connection devices. Our sensors are also extremely rugged, which allows them to meet any hygienic requirements and provide a reliable supply of process data, even under harsh ambient conditions.

Download the Safe Food Chain edition of the SICK customer magazine

Download the SICK Food & Beverage Production industry guide

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Download the SICK Hygienic Solutions brochure

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