Asda launches initiative to reduce ocean plastic pollution

Asda launches initiative to reduce ocean plastic pollution

An initiative launched by Asda aims to reduce ocean plastic pollution in the supermarket’s supply chain.

The retailer is equipping the 500-plus vessels in its fleets with recycling bags so that crews can collect plastic waste whilst bringing in the catch.

Commonly found ocean plastic pollution – including bottles and plastic carrier bags – will now be brought into harbour and disposed of.

The ‘Fishing for Plastic’ initiative is rolling out globally with countries including Alaska and Norway participating. Under the scheme, all of the retailer’s wild caught fleets will receive the recycling bags.

“We can’t tackle big climate change issues alone and so it’s important for us to listen to and work in partnership with our suppliers, so we can make a real difference to tackling plastic pollution everyday,” said Asda’s Sustainability Manger, Laura Babbs.

“This is just a small step in our ongoing sustainability journey, but together with our suppliers, we have the ability to make a big difference.”