Nestlé & Carrefour use IBM blockchain for food traceability

Mastercard and Envisible fostering food supply chain traceability
Credit: Black_Kira

Nestlé has teamed up with French retail giant Carrefour to allow consumers to access information in what is believed to be the first Blockchain on a national brand in Europe.

Blockchain technology will be applied to the Mousline instant mashed potato, available on shelves in Carrefour stores around France.

Using the QR code on the product’s packaging, consumers will be able to use a secure platform on their smartphone to access information on the production supply chain.

This includes the varieties of potato used, the dates and places of manufacture, information on quality control, and places and dates of storage before the product reaches the shelves.

Having joined the IBM Food Trust platform in 2017 – as a founding member for Nestlé and last October for Carrefour – the companies then decided to work on this project together.

Beyond the technology applied to this first Blockchain on a national brand, the project is being managed in a totally new way, because, for the first time in Europe, a distributor and a renowned manufacturer have worked together on its implementation.

The expertise of each party has enabled this project to be implemented in under 6 months, by capitalising on the know-how of IBM, the experience of Nestlé, which launched several tests as a founding member of the Food Trust platform since 2017, and the know-how of Carrefour, which has already rolled out Blockchain technology on several products in its Carrefour Quality Lines since last year.

For Carrefour, this three-way partnership is a continuation of its programme, Act for Food, that works towards the food transition, and its desire to promote Blockchain.