Olam Cocoa rolls out child labour monitoring in Cameroon

Olam Cocoa is rolling out professionalised child labour monitoring and remediation in Cameroon, a first-of-its-kinds programme in the cocoa industry.

The move is part of the agribusiness’ commitment to tackle child labour and help more children attend school across its entire direct supply chain.

The company is working in partnership with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and local cocoa farming cooperatives to digitally register its nearly 7,000 farmer suppliers in Cameroon and their households.

Together, they will also introduce rigorous traceability and reporting systems, educate local communities about child labour, and set up dedicated child labour monitoring and remediation systems (CLMRS).

To facilitate this process, Olam Cocoa is introducing a new app to its Olam and Farmers Information System (OFIS) technology.

After providing training to community leads and equipping them with a smartphone, they can begin collecting social data. This means that it is possible to identify children who are at high risk and take action much more quickly.

These data insights will then feed directly into Olam’s AtSource, a digital platform that gives its customers unprecedented visibility of the supply chain of their products.

Beyond Cameroon, the app will be used to cover nearly 223,000 farmers in three countries across West Africa, prioritising those countries where the risk is highest.

Billie Elmqvist Thurén, Regional Child Labour Analyst at Olam Cocoa, said the move is a “big task”, but added “we need to act now to ensure we have full traceability of the cocoa in our direct supply chain”.