Views sought to lay groundwork for UK’s new National Food Strategy

Redefine productivity & efficiency of UK farming systems, report says
Credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky

The government is laying the groundwork for its new National Food Strategy by asking farmers, food producers and the public for views on the food system on the future.

This “radical shake-up” of the UK’s food system will mean that British shoppers will be able to buy environmentally-friendly, healthy and affordable food.

As one of the first steps, the government is launching a call for evidence, giving everyone from consumers, farmers and food producers, to scientists and academics, an opportunity to shape how we produce, sell and consume food in the UK.

Views will inform the first major review of the nation’s food system in nearly 75 years, led by entrepreneur Henry Dimbleby, to ensure the food industry is fit for the future, supports growth, enhances the environment and is resilient to the challenges posed by climate change.

The review will look at what is working well already and the role of new technology to revolutionise our food supply – from innovations like vertical farming and robotics, to carbon neutral manufacturing and crops that tackle climate change.

“We’re launching the call for evidence today to gather insights and inspiration to help transform our food system,” said Dimbleby.

“These could be policies or ideas that make it easier for us to make more informed decisions about the food we eat; that make food production more environmentally sustainable; that help food businesses and communities to thrive; or that could put our country at the forefront of innovation in the coming years.

“Whether you are someone who works in a food business, a farmer, a food processor, an interested citizen – whoever you are – we want to hear from you. We can’t wait to read your submissions and hear about your ideas.”