WorldFish commits $1m for aquatic foods research

WorldFish commits $1m for aquatic foods research
Credit: FeellFree

Nonprofit WorldFish has committed $1 million to fund new research into aquatic foods for planetary health and human wellbeing with an emphasis on Africa.

The commitment for 2020 aims to support the development of a new, multi-year global research programme on fish and future aquatic foods.

It will also establish a ‘Fish for Africa Innovation Hub’ to help accelerate national and regional efforts to meet Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

According to the Malaysian headquartered nonprofit, these aims will be accomplished through “cutting-edge market and policy innovations informed by scientific evidence on affordable, safe and sustainably fish and aquatic foods”.

“There’s great promise in fish and aquatic foods to feed billions, nourish nations, and help us make the much-needed transition to healthier diets and more sustainable food systems,” said Dr Gareth Johnstone, Director General, WorldFish.

“We must make fish and aquatic foods matter to as many policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs as possible and place them at the heart of the food and nutrition security agenda and the wider efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

“Our commitment will ensure good food policies and smart investments for a healthy and sustainable future are informed by solid scientific evidence on the critical value of fish and aquatic foods to the health of people and our planet.”

This latest commitment follows the nonprofit’s pledge in 2017 of $57.8 million to generate scientific research and innovations.