‘World’s first’ compostable coffee capsule launched

‘World’s first’ compostable coffee capsule launched
Courtesy of Alpla

Packaging manufacturer Alpla has worked alongside materials maker Golden Compound to release what they claim is the world’s first biodegradable coffee capsule.

The capsule is made from an organically-based material and ground natural fibres from sunflower seed shells.

Sunflower seed shells have excellent characteristics as the oxygen barrier is comparable with conventional plastics such as PP-EVOH-PP. The monolayer coffee capsule is thus aroma-proof without outer packaging.

Alpla said the capsule and filter fleece are completely biodegradable in the garden compost within a maximum of six months as well as being free from aluminium and genetically modified organisms.

The first company to use the new innovation is Austrian coffee roaster Amann Kaffee.