Barry Callebaut opens Chocolate Academy in Cologne


Barry Callebaut opened the first German Chocolate Academy with an impressive show in the Cologne MediaPark. The world’s leading manufacturer of high quality cocoa and chocolate products welcomed more than 250 guests to celebrate a special evening dedicated to chocolate artisanry.

As the most important partner for kitchen and pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bakers and caterers, Callebaut, the Belgian chocolate brand of Barry Callebaut, represented one of the largest supporters of chocolate artisanry.

The presentation began with the most important ingredient of high quality chocolate – the cocoa fruit. During the show, craftsmen opened yellow and red cocoa fruits and offered a taste of aromatic cocoa beans and sweet fruit pulp. Afterwards, guests were able to experience the process of tropical cocoa fruits develop into tempting chocolate along various stops – from the selection of exquisite cocoa beans, the aromatic roasting and grinding of the beans to the tempering of conched chocolate.

“Chocolate art” was presented by international Ambassadors, representing the gourmet chocolate brand Callebaut. The Callebaut Ambassadors are a unique network of international chocolate experts with more than 170 chefs, chefs de patissier, master bakers and confectioners. For the grand opening, six of the Callebaut Ambassadors created six extraordinary desserts. Among them were Steffen Blunck and Matthias Ludwigs, two top class masters of confectionery, and the multi-award-winning chocolatier Lothar Buss. The chocolate creations were based on the individual production steps of cocoa, starting with the cocoa fruit and finishing with chocolate. Among the presented desserts were a dessert based on cocoa fruit pulp and a dessert variation with fermented and roasted cocoa beans.

Philipp Schoeller, Director of the Barry Callebaut Deutschland GmbH, says, “We are proud to open one of our excellent Chocolate Academys in Germany because Germany is one of the most important markets for chocolate artisanry. Finally, we can offer training and courses regarding the refining of individual cocoa and chocolate creations on the level of first class gastronomy. That way, we provide an important contribution to the knowhow of German chocolate specialists.”

With eighteen training centres in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia, the Barry Callebaut group has the largest network of training facilities for chocolate professionals worldwide. Last year, about 38,000 participants followed training and took courses.

Innovative packaging solutions from SEALPAC


SEALPAC, the leading supplier of modern tray-sealing and thermoforming technology, will be presenting a wide range of innovative packaging solutions and international trends at Anuga FoodTec.

Focus at the SEALPAC stand will be on the latest convenience solutions for ovenable and microwavable food products. The company have won an international award for their EasyLid system, which they will officially receive during the exhibition. EasyLid is an innovative seal & lid on one solution, which provides full lid functionality in just one single step. It requires less consumables and provides more efficiency in production. Supported by the German Agricultural Society, the award is handed out every three years to innovative projects within the international food industry.

Marcel Veenstra, Marketing and Communications Manager at Sealpac International, says, “We are especially proud to be one of the gold medallists for the International FoodTec Award 2015. This award is a valuable confirmation of our development work, especially in designing more sustainable packaging solutions whilst maintaining their functionality.”

In its ’Smart Packaging Inspirations’ area, SEALPAC will also present the latest trends in ovenable and microwavable packaging. The demand for these convenience products, which save time and provide practical handling, continues to grow. Modern solutions, that allow you to place the product in its packaging directly in the oven or microwave, are on the rise. A variety of film and valve solutions, combined with our latest packaging technology, for example, allow for gentle steam cooking or grilling directly inside the pack. Modern technology and innovative materials have allowed the sector to develop packaging systems that meet highest standards with regard to the taste and appearance of convenience products. In the catering area at the SEALPAC stand, visitors can gain an impression of the many possibilities.

Nordson EFD Precision Spray System applies uniform coats


The Nordson EFD 781S-SS Precision Spray System applies accurate, consistent uniform coats of scents, flavours and colourings used in food manufacturing and packaging processes.

This is thanks to the compact, pneumatically operated spray valve that uses Low Volume Low Pressure technology to apply a uniform coating of material without waste, mess or overspray. Material consumption is therefore reduced by as much as 70%.

Its rugged stainless steel construction and reliable, low-maintenance design means it is suitable for upgrades to existing inline automation equipment as well as new production lines.

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Scottish Salmon Company support new fishmonger competition

Representatives of The Scottish Salmon Company travelled to Lyon to attend the Sirha exhibition and support the new ‘Golden Fish’ fishmonger competition.

The annual Sirha exhibition is open to the top line food service and hospitality industries and presented a unique opportunity for The Scottish Salmon Company to showcase its premium salmon and production expertise to over 185,000 visitors, including chefs, buyers and hoteliers from across the world.

The Scottish Salmon Company was invited to attend as a premium partner of the exhibition’s new ‘Golden Fish’ fishmonger competition, organised by the Federation des Poissonniers Écailleurs Traiteurs Rhones-Alpes.

The competition saw eight master fishmongers from all over France compete for the title by preparing and presenting The Scottish Salmon Company’s Label Rouge salmon, as well as other species of fish, and also answering questions to demonstrate their knowledge of seafood. Competitors were judged by a panel of seafood professionals, chaired by one of the most talented fishmongers in France, Etienne Chavrier.

Craig Anderson, Managing Director of The Scottish Salmon Company, says, “We were delighted to attend an exhibition with such a global audience as the Sirha exhibition, and to support the ‘Golden Fish’ competition. This provides a really excellent platform to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the fishmongers in France who are so integral to the whole industry.

“The event was also the perfect opportunity for us to showcase the premium quality of our Scottish salmon to the world. We are very proud to have been accredited with the highly coveted Label Rouge quality mark for our salmon products and this is contributing to an increased demand for our products internationally and at home. We are also seeing demand increase from a number of new markets including countries in the Far East such as China and Thailand, due to a growth in healthy eating trends and the prevalence of Japanese and high end cuisine. We are keen to make the most of the exciting opportunities this presents to The Scottish Salmon Company.”

Cedric Bejaoui, President of FDPETRA, says, “The Sirha exhibition is a celebration of the best people, products and innovations the international food service and hospitality industries have to offer. The Scottish Salmon Company’s pride in its Scottish heritage and its confidence in the quality of its produce makes it an ideal fit with the aims of the exhibition. We are pleased to welcome The Scottish Salmon Company to France, and are proud to be able to display their produce to our visitors.”

BENEO presents toothfriendly confectionery for children

As a leader in functional ingredients, BENEO is using the current ISM 2015 to present its range of toothfriendly children’s confectionery product concepts. At the show, BENEO are showcasing on stand bubble gum and chocolate lentil concepts that have successfully undergone scientific testing with plaque pH telemetry. Both products are toothfriendly and fully digestible due to the inclusion of BENEO’s carbohydrate Palatinose, which completely replaces sucrose in the formulation. With 83% of consumers globally paying high attention to oral health, products made with the toothfriendly carbohydrate Palatinose are set to become increasingly popular. The non-cariogenic benefits of Palatinose have received EFSA 13.1 and FDA health claim approvals. Being the only toothfriendly, low glycaemic and fully digestible carbohydrate, Palatinose is ideal for food producers looking to explore new avenues in children’s confectionery. This is an area where standard sugar-free formulations are less desired, because children are particularly in need of balanced carbohydrate energy. The concepts at ISM 2015 have been clinically tested using plaque pH-telemetry, which is the worldwide established method of testing toothfriendliness. The bubble gum concept at ISM 2015 has a pleasant banana flavour and can be produced using existing bubble gum technology. Its reduced stickiness facilitates processing and cleaning and offers high form stability to manufacturers. The added benefits of incorporating Palatinose in BENEO’s chocolate lentil concepts are a smooth coating and a pleasant crunch, while the core provides a similar mouthfeel and taste to conventional chocolate. This, combined with the low glycaemic properties and sugar-like sweet taste of Palatinose enriched products, delivers the potential to innovate for confectionery manufacturers looking for nutritional and technical benefits, without sacrificing taste. Katja Reichenbach, Product Manager Palatinose, BENEO, says, “According to the World Health Organisation, more than 60% of school children worldwide suffer from dental cavities. This figure shows the urgent need for confectioners to offer innovative solutions for sweet-toothed youngsters. We are pleased to present our toothfriendly tested bubble gums and chocolate lentils with Palatinose. The positive results of the pH-telemetry show once again that Palatinose is the ingredient of choice when it comes to toothfriendly confectionery – especially for children.”

Efficient EMCS processing at Premium Warehousing with AEB solutions


Premium Warehousing has implemented AEB’s software solution EMCS||XPRESS, resulting in faster processing of excise goods under duty suspension, increased efficiencies and cost reductions.

Premium Warehousing, a British warehousing and logistics service provider, has implemented EMCS||XPRESS, the convenient online solution as part of ASSIST4 Customs Management, from AEB’s comprehensive software suite ASSIST4 for all logistics processes in global business. Premium Warehousing now benefits from faster processing of excise goods under duty suspension, increased operational efficiency and lower costs.

EMCS||XPRESS, developed by AEB, one of Europe’s leading providers of global trade and supply chain management solutions, is a SaaS application, which is hosted in AEB’s official ISO 27001 certified computer centre. It supports the secure and efficient transmission and processing of electronic customs messaging in compliance with applicable EU law. EMCS||XPRESS went live at Premium Warehousing in April 2014 and has since been used by its shipping and administration teams on a daily basis.

Premium Warehousing is an expert in the field of cargo handling for all types of materials, and with special focus on foodstuffs, the company also operates an approved HMRC bonded warehouse and is licensed to store beers, wines and spirits. One of its clients, a major European transport, logistics and freight forwarding company, stores up to 23,000 pallets of Carlsberg UK products at Premium Warehousing’s facility near Northampton. On average, about 75% of all wine, beer and spirit deliveries managed by Premium Warehousing are subject to EMCS, the Excise Movement and Control System.

When, at the beginning of 2014, Carlsberg UK’s HMRC related transaction requirements increased by approximately 300%, managing operations and customs declarations at the same time resulted in delays and frustrations. Processing these increased volumes also led to workload backlogs in a number of other warehouse areas, neglecting tasks such as stock counts and various system updates.

To standardise and accelerate the EMCS handling and to enable the efficient processing of increased numbers of shipments without additional staff, Premium Warehousing opted for AEB‘s automated solution EMCS||XPRESS. All EMCS submissions based on latest increased data volumes are now managed by one person, and the overall processing time has been reduced from about 10 minutes to about ten seconds per declaration. In addition, Premium Warehousing now has full transparency over all duty suspended excise goods movements, which supports the operational side, but also enhances customer service and ensures customs compliance.

Chris Lee, Managing Director of Premium Warehousing, says, “In our business, especially dealing with perishable cargo, smooth operations and regulatory compliance are crucial to deliver first class customer service, keep a competitive edge and grow the business at the same time. If we had not implemented EMCS||XPRESS, we would not have been able to handle the major volume increases without hiring additional staff or negative impacts on service levels.”

Iggesund’s challenge to designers


Iggesund Paperboard is working via the American crowdsourcing company Crowdspring to challenge the world’s designers to improve existing consumer packaging.

Staffan Sjöberg, who is in charge of the project at Iggesund Paperboard, says, “Every day we all see examples of packaging that could be improved by a better choice of materials or a better design. Now we’re giving designers all over the world the chance to contribute their ideas on how to replace packaging made of glass, plastic or metal with solutions that use paperboard.”

Iggesund is not looking for inexpensive ideas which can be put into commercial use. Instead, the aim is to get a picture of how global designers as a collective group believe they can steer packaging development in a more sustainable direction. Staffan Sjöberg says, “We will not claim any commercial rights to the ideas that come in. We’re just interested in getting a snapshot of how designers believe they can improve the packaging they see in the shops they visit on a daily basis. We want to publish the ideas and maybe reproduce some of them in physical form but we are not interested in exploiting them commercially.”

For Crowdspring the collaboration with Iggesund Paperboard is an unusual project. Normally the online marketplace’s services are used when someone wants either a number of inexpensive design proposals or a wide range of ideas. Mike Samson, who is coordinating the project with Iggesund, says, “This is an unusual reason for initiating a project with us, but we believe its combination of sustainability and innovative thinking will attract many of the thousands of designers listed in our database.”

Acorn brewery off to Barcelona trade fair to seek Spanish exports

An independent Barnsley brewery is heading to Barcelona in a bid to crack the Spanish market – after successfully selling its real ale in Italy. Acorn Brewery will attend the UKTI’s Great British Speciality Beer and Food Exhibition on 5th February.

Brewery owner Dave Hughes and commercial director David Broadhead will take a selection of Acorn’s most popular bottled beers to the trade event which is expected to attract more than 60 Spanish buyers – including wholesalers, supermarkets and bar chain owners.

Dave Hughes said: “The Barcelona trade fair is a fantastic opportunity to get ourselves in front of big buyers in Spain. We made a start shipping beers to Italy four months ago and are keen to gain more export sales as a key part of our growth strategy.”

“We’ve rebranded and re-labelled our range of bottled beers for the international market and are very pleased to be taking part in this UKTI trade initiative.”

Acorn’s first Italian order, delivered in October last year, was worth £10,000 and repeat orders have followed from the same wholesale buyer, who supplies bars and restaurants in the north of Italy.

The brewery, which has a turnover of £1.2 million, has also seen growth in sales in the UK market. It currently delivers beer direct to more than 400 pubs and bars and 50 retail outlets including delis and farm shops in the north and midlands – and supplies to countless others across the UK via wholesalers.

Halal World Food returns as world’s biggest halal food sourcing event


One of the fastest growing segments of the worldwide food industry and currently worth $1.1 trillion globally, the international Halal food market occupies an integral part of Gulfood 2015 – the landmark twentieth anniversary of the world’s leading food and hospitality trade show.

In all, more than a thousand international specialist Halal food brands and companies will convene at Dubai World Trade Centre from 8th to 12 February to display thousands of Halal products – from energy drinks, vegan and vegetarian foods to meat and poultry, canned goods, gourmet and fine foods – at the second annual Halal World Food.

With more than 80,000 international food industry professionals due to attend the largest Gulfood to date, Halal World Food will cement its standing as the world’s biggest annual Halal food sourcing trade show. Beyond the significant, sector-specific commercial and trading opportunities presented at the dedicated show-within-a-show concept, the inaugural Halal Investment Conference on Tuesday 10th February will debut as part of the three-day Gulfood Leaders Events programme.

As worldwide food companies explore opportunities across a global Halal market predicted to reach $10 trillion by 2030, the Halal Investment Conference will see Halal food policy-shapers, government entities and major local, regional and international private sector players come together to discuss business opportunities, as well as the implementation of far-reaching standardisation and certification frameworks across a sector of increasing commercial importance.

Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Events Management, DWTC, says, “The global Halal food market now accounts for a fifth of the world’s food trade, and as the primary trading hub for Halal food in the MENA region, Dubai has both the ambition and world-class infrastructure to become a worldwide Halal centre. Gulfood is one of the most important international platforms for the global food trade and the strategic enhancement of our Halal World Food initiative will ensure the show continues to play a leading role in the growth of the Halal food sector – a key enabler in realising Dubai’s vision to become the global Islamic Economy capital.”

Topics to be covered at the Halal Investment Conference include the role of Halal in Dubai’s capital of Islamic Economy vision, business opportunities in the global Halal marketplace, Halal regulation and governance in the GCC, the impact of any new Halal regulations on the global food industry, positioning Halal products in mainstream markets, successful Halal marketing, and the meaningful transformation of the Halal brand in non-Islamic countries.

Visitors can pre-register at

Barry Callebaut presents its FullFill Factory


Barry Callebaut, the manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products, has presented its latest service offering – the Barry Callebaut FullFill Factory.

Designed to answer the increasing need of personalisation and flexibility for both small and large food manufacturers alike, the FullFill Factory creates added value through a broad array of personalisation options with base products as well as added colours, flavours and texture.

Sofie De Lathouwer, Marketing Director FM Western Europe at Barry Callebaut, says, “The FullFill Factory caters to the demand for personalised concepts present in all market segments, being mainly confectionery, bakery and ice cream. With the FullFill Factory our customers can easily and promptly adapt to the constantly changing consumer environment and market trends. Our solution provides all the means necessary to reach that goal.”

The personalisation process is made up of four possible steps – the customer chooses the desired base product – chocolate, compound or a filling – and has the possibility to add colours, flavours and texture. The FullFill Factory provides great flexibility in its colour and flavour offerings for all food manufactures thanks to the convenient 1kg format of cocoa butter-based flavour and colour components, called FullFlavors and FullColors respectively. The Color Master ensures convenient use and guarantees consistent results, time after time. A comprehensive variation of these components and the ease in which they can be mixed, melted and dosed, ensures the FullFill Factory concept offers the most convenient and personalised creativity solution.

Components can be blended with the customer’s own equipment or with the Barry Callebaut FlexMelter. This is the world’s first flexible melting and blending container for solid and liquid chocolate, compounds and fillings. The FlexMelter is created to support the process of blending in smaller batches or quantities, while avoiding contamination issues with normal production lines. Besides, Barry Callebaut can also produce the complete product in-house and deliver the finished product to its customers.

Sofie De Lathouwer says, “We wanted to add a new service supporting the talent and ideas of all food manufacturers – creativity should not be limited by a company’s size. More than a practical tool, the FullFill Factory is a service to enable our customers to offer their desired product to the marketplace. Not only do we provide our customers with concrete means and components to experiment and realise their favorite recipe, we also share our savoir-faire to make sure their creation is feasible, top-quality, and legally compliant.”

There are certain legal regulations for the use of colours and some flavours in manifold applications. The Barry Callebaut’s FullFill Factory concept offers a unique selling proposition to its customers by adding the support that calculates the legally allowed doses to comply with EU legislation – customers no longer have to worry if their products are compliant with the latest regulations.