Bite-sized courses at TriestEspresso


A programme of events at TriestEspresso will help make businesses more competitive, provide concrete tools to develop sales and optimise the costs of logistics.

This is part of the seventh TriestEspresso, the most important professional fair dedicated to expresso coffee worldwide, held from 23rd to 25th October for the first time in Trieste’s Porto Vecchio.

Vocational training remains a cornerstone of TriestEspresso’s agenda, but this year, along with the usual workshops and courses organised by the Speciality Coffee Association Europe, which aim to increase knowledge related to the coffee bean, just as much attention will be paid to the vocational training of managers who operate throughout the production chain. An innovative form of training that aims to provide concrete tools to be put immediately into practice and to be taken advantage of with bite-sized free mini courses of about sixty minutes for visitors and exhibitors.

The logical thread of these mini business courses will be identifying innovative strategies with which to develop a business. Lean roasting, for example, allows for the reduction of production costs, thus increasing margins. A new perspective will also be presented on how to develop new products and businesses, reflecting on value enhancing aspects in the coffee production chain.

The full programme of events is available at

BrewDog declares an ‘end to lager lout culture’ with launch of new craft lager


Scotland’s largest independent brewery, BrewDog has set its sights on obliterating the ‘insidious culture around lager drinking’ cultivated by decades of mass marketing by launching a beer that takes the lager style back to its roots.

Launching tomorrow, This. Is. Lager. will be a 4.7% ABV pilsner designed to offer lager drinkers a craft beer alternative to the mass-produced lagers that still dominate the UK market.

This. Is. Lager. is brewed with 100% malt and ten times the hops of most industrial lagers. To demonstrate the difference to those still unfamiliar or resistant to the craft beer revolution, BrewDog is offering free 1/3 pint tasters of This. Is. Lager. at all of its UK bars from 12 noon – 12 midnight on Wednesday 3rd September.

Craft beer is the star ascendant in the drinks market, with BrewDog named the fastest growing drinks brand in the UK within a context of declining beer sales for mainstream, mass-production breweries.

The artisan brewer is immediately making This. Is. Lager. part of its headliners range to ‘convert’ those still unfamiliar with craft beer as it plots destroying the binge drink culture that has long overshadowed the industry

James Watt, cofounder at BrewDog says: “This. Is. Lager. redefines a beer style that has for so long been defined by shallow, listless beers undeserving of the name.”

“For years, global breweries have spent millions convincing the British public that lager is a beer style best served as fizzy, tasteless liquid cardboard propped up by snappy straplines, glamorous advertising or counterfeit stories of foreign provenance. We hope to perpetuate a movement of craft breweries blazing a new trail for lager, proving it’s a misunderstood, neglected beer style.”

“Lager is often demonised or derided as the choice drink of chavs and louts, which is the result of laddish marketing that diverts attention away from taste and enjoyment and undermines the potential of lager as a creative and artisanal beer style.”

“If we can redefine lager in the UK, we will redefine our relationship with alcohol. We can actually start to reverse binge-drinking trends currently being tackled by toothless and misguided legislative proposals unlikely to ever see the light of day anyway. With the volume-driven industry leaders trying to pull the wool over drinkers’ eyes and the government trying to legislate their way out of a media-disaster cul-de-sac, it’s time we treated drinkers like adults and gave them an alternative to stack ‘em high sell ‘em cheap beers with no soul or taste.”

“Gone are the days of lager being synonymous with extra-cold taps, lads on tour, fake Aussie accents, Burberry baseball caps and pot bellies. That is not lager. This. Is. Lager.”

Birds Eye introduces Steamfresh range


Birds Eye is set to launch Steamfresh – a new offering of recipes packed with vegetables that deliver on flavour and are cooked in innovative steam bags.

The category leader in frozen vegetables is looking to use the current trend for steam cooking to encourage more consumers to stop boiling their vegetables, which can lead to loss of taste and texture, and start steaming them in the microwave. This, combined with adding herbs, spices and sauces, will help change the perception of consuming vegetables from duty to desire.

Hitting shelves this September, the £5.6 million launch forms part of Birds Eye’s ‘Food of Life’ strategy to pioneer great tasting, quality food that livens up mealtimes. With the range expected to achieve £36m in retail sales value in its first year, Steamfresh will be the umbrella platform for a wide range of vegetable side dishes, driving a new steaming category within frozen.

Birds Eye will bring the existing Veg Fusions and Rice Fusions ranges under the Steamfresh platform, and also launch two brand new pasta side dishes with vegetables: Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta and and Creamy Cheese Penne Pasta with Broccoli and Peas. More new products will be introduced over the course of the year.

The range is split into four categories: natural vegetable mixes, vegetables with herbs and spices, fragrant rice with vegetables and pasta with vegetables. The product lines are available in three formats allowing easy portion control (single serve, pyramid and multi-serve bags).

Birds Eye will be supporting the launch of Steamfresh with a £5.6m multi-media campaign including TV, outdoor, PR, in-store, digital and sampling. The range will continue to be supported throughout 2015 with heavyweight TTL communications.

Geraldine Phillips, General Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, says: “Birds Eye has over 60 years of experience growing and fast freezing vegetables to retain their flavour and freshness. We are delighted to be pushing new boundaries with the launch of Steamfresh and to make vegetable side dishes a really exciting addition to mealtimes.

“Steaming doesn’t just preserve the nutrients – it also locks in the flavour. Using our unique steam bags, we are able to offer consumers a range of tasty side dishes that can be cooked in the microwave to deliver perfect results every time.”

Steamfresh will be available from £1.79 RRSP and can be found in retailers including Tesco, Asda, Morrisions, Sainsburys, Iceland, The Co-operative, Waitrose and Farmfoods from September.”

New factory set to boost supplies of gold standard whey protein


Arla Foods Ingredients is investing €38 million in a new factory in Denmark to meet booming demand for whey protein hydrolysates.

The investment will further strengthen the company’s position as a global leader in natural whey ingredients.

The manufacturing plant is to be located next to Arla Foods Ingredients’ existing whey protein facility in Videbæk, Denmark, where the company is also in the process of building a new lactose factory. The whey protein factory is scheduled to be fully operational towards the end of 2016.

The new factory will increase three-fold Arla Foods Ingredients’ capacity to produce whey protein hydrolysates, a ‘gold standard’ form of whey that offers superior benefits compared with intact proteins, and has applications in the infant, sports and clinical nutrition categories.

Henrik Andersen, CEO of Arla Foods Ingredients, says: “When we speak with our customers they make it clear that whey protein hydrolysates are a very big part of their future plans and they are keen to work with companies who can guarantee ongoing security of supply. The investment in this factory sends out a strong signal that Arla Foods Ingredients will continue to be at the vanguard of the hydrolysates sector and that we will be able to satisfy demand while adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards.”

The new factory in Videbæk will further the commitments made by Arla Foods Ingredients through its ‘Quality starts here’ brand platform.

Henrik Andersen adds: “There are five cornerstones to Quality starts here, including promising our customers security of supply backed by adequate capacity, logistics and documentation. Our new hydrolysates factory in Videbæk will ensure we can meet this pledge and maintain our position as the world’s leading supplier of high quality whey protein ingredients.”



ALS will be introducing their 3rd Generation R-Series Rotary Labellers at this year’s PPMA Show.

This latest generation of Rotary Labellers offers programmable servo-driven platforms so each application setup is selectable at the push of a button and when it comes to product alignment the ALS label-vision system looks at a whole container through 360°, while it is in motion and instructs the servo-driven platform to turn just the right amount, so that every product is in the same, correct position – at speeds of up to 36000 per hour!

All of the ALS R-Series Gen3 systems share the same PLC control, intuitive touch-screen display and universal semi-circular form-factor, for easy positioning of any of the company’s standard range of ALS 200 and 300 series label applicators, their newly launched Linerless applicator and the ALS FastPaQ series.

Tel: 01844 213177

Stand A60

Allen Coding


Allen Coding will be showing a wide range of high performance marking and coding systems, including its XL-Series of low cost thermal transfer coders.

The automatic ARF-1 feeder is capable of handling cartons or sleeves up to a maximum of 375mm x 400mm and will be featured along with the popular Hitachi RX-S continuous ink jet coder. Other equipment on display is set to include the ICON laser coder and NGT2+ thermal transfer printer.

Allen’s XL-Series does not compromise on print or system quality despite being up to 40% less expensive than other thermal transfer systems. The XL-Series also offers several exciting new features, including the iView colour touch screen with graphical user interface and the multi-tasking a:touch module.

The XL-Series was designed to provide Unicode performance for high speed printing of variable information in a variety of languages. In addition, a simple design and robust construction helps meet the requirements of most industrial coding applications.

Tel: 01438 347 770

Stand: A01

All-Fill International Ltd


All-Fill International Limited, world leaders in the design and manufacture of vertical auger-based equipment for filling free flowing and non-free flowing powders, granules, pastes and creams into a wide variety of containers, are exhibiting at the PPMA Show.

On display will be an All-Fill Series 100 single head in-line automatic filler which comprises a plastic chain-conveyor with open underside for ease of cleaning, bottom-up lift for compressive dust-free filling and vibration settling of aerated powders and granules.

The Series 100 is a versatile machine capable of handling a wide range of container shapes and sizes, accommodated via simple and fast adjustments, with minimal no-tools quick-release change-parts. Also on display will be the ever-popular Series 10 Gravimetric semi-automatic filler which comprises a weigh-cell for multi-stage filling and feedback for greater filling accuracy.

Tel: +44 (0)1767 691100

Stand D42

Poor pallet hygiene poses threat to UK economy


“UK businesses using wood packaging materials for shipping goods could be putting the health and safety of staff at serious risk and causing untold damage to the UK economy”, says Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of

This warning comes after a staff member for the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, fell ill at one of its depots after handling packaging on goods imported to the UK.

GMB, the union for staff at Amazon, is convinced that the illness is linked to insects carried in the packaging and has called for the company to conduct a thorough, independent risk assessment of the dangers of insect contamination in wood and other packaging of goods imported from abroad.

Jim continues: “Although all wood packaging used for transporting goods into the EU or out of Portugal (a known pinewood nematode area) must be heat treated in accordance with ISPM 15 regulations to kill off pests, it’s clear that insect invasions from abroad remain a very real threat to the UK economy.

“In May this year, the Ecological Society of America discovered the emerald ash borer in the wood packing material of goods imported into North America. This case surely strengthens the argument for enforcing stricter safety checks worldwide for verifying ISPM 15 compliancy and for extending ISPM 15 by making it compulsory to heat treat all wood pallets and crates moving within EU member states – something the European Commission is in the process of reviewing.

“Poor pallet hygiene however is a much bigger topic than insect contamination alone. Mould and bacteria are other common signs that pallets are being kept in unsanitary conditions which, when using plastic varieties, can be easily combatted with regular cleaning as plastic pallets are 100% water resistant. Timber pallets are much harder to preserve as even kiln dried varieties contain some moisture, making them susceptible to mould growth and blue stain fungus.

“The timber industry is fully aware of the hygiene issues with wooden pallets and to their credit TIMCON – the Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation – has launched a new Essential Guide Pack** for drying timber pallets to keep them mould-free.

“Guide or no guide, the fact remains that wooden pallets are still inherently more likely to harbour contaminants than plastic ones – the only variety that can be repeatedly steam cleaned and reused guaranteeing optimum hygiene throughout its working life.”

New production site in Indonesia for Schütz


The official opening of the company’s own production facility in Indonesia sees Schütz continuing the sustainable development of the company’s network in South East Asia.

Schütz has been operating in Jakarta since 2005 with a distribution company. In Karawang, 50km east of the island-nation’s capital city, a new factory was built fitted with state-of-the-art manufacturing lines in 2013.

The production of IBCs started at the new site at the end of last year and has since then been further optimised to meet customer demands. The site has now been officially inaugurated in an opening ceremony, which featured traditional dance performances and the symbolic cutting of a ribbon. Gertjan Boom, Business Unit Manager Asia/Pacific, and Ricky Lie, General Manager of PT. Schütz Container Systems Indonesia, welcomed numerous guests from industry, business and politics, including Governor representative Ir Dedi Mulyadia and Dr. Cellica Nurrachadiana, Vice Regent of Karawang. Many customers from the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry also attended the event. In a tour of the factory, guests were shown how Schütz’s packaging solutions are produced with the highest degree of energy efficiency thanks to modern technology.

The new subsidiary further strengthens delivery security and shortens transport distances in the South East Asian market. In terms of population, Indonesia is the fourth biggest country in the world and its specific geography poses special challenges – the country is spread over more than 17,000 islands, of which only around 6000 are inhabited. Accordingly, optimised logistics combined with a close proximity to customers are Schütz’s primary goals. The advantages are reduced use of fuels, a better eco balance and higher cost efficiency.

The packaging products manufactured in Karawang also offer customers solutions for a wide range of applications. In order to address the special needs of the food industry the site is presently undergoing the FSSC 22000 certification process, which after completion will ensure and document the highest safety and purity standards in materials, the production process and the end product. For all guests, the key statement at the inauguration event was that Schütz is committed to continually building its position in South East Asia, and that its wide portfolio offers innovative, sustainable and secure transport packaging for a wide range of filling goods including acids, varnishes, paints or concentrates, foods and cosmetics.



Automation specialist Omron will offer visitors a close encounter with its new FH high-speed, compact vision system and integrated robotics in the shape of a Delta pick-and-place robot. The cell will demonstrate how both technologies are becoming an essential part of production and packaging lines plus the benefits in regard to cost reduction, efficiency, repeatability and the redeployment of resources.

The FH vision system provides the highest image capture and processing speeds in its class – ten times faster than conventional systems – as well as seamless integration with PLCs, motion controllers and robotics systems. This allows high speed quality control of product appearance and completeness, as well as checks on date coding.

In addition, Omron’s experts will be on hand to demonstrate the latest safety and sensing and temperature control solutions including the new E3S-DB transparent object sensor offering better detection of glass bottles, PET bottles, transparent trays and packaging film.

Tel: 01908 258258

Stand C31