Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Kanegrade supply high-quality natural ingredients at competitive prices, and deliver them to your manufacturing facility on-time, every-time. At Kanegrade we’re proud to have done exactly that since 1980, ensuring our customers have smooth production runs and category-leading finished products.

Today Kanegrade encompasses facilities in several countries and over 60 staff across production contracting, sourcing, QA, NPD and logistics. We’ve built strong partnerships with growers and primary processors around the World, giving you access to ingredients from every corner of the globe.

We can recommend ingredients to match your enquiry and we also create bespoke ingredients to meet project aims such as adapting mouthfeel, optimising cost or enhancing nutrition. Our diverse ingredients catalogue spans many parts of your bill of materials, meaning you can choose Kanegrade to focus your number of suppliers.

Our team of food scientists are on-hand to answer questions about shelf life, stability, particle size, organic status, acidity level, extraction process, dietary consideration or any one of hundreds of criteria which are relevant to our ingredients, and your finished product.

Kanegrade holds thousands of ingredients in stock ensuring constant availability and just-in-time delivery when required. Our network of storage facilities and distribution expertise mean you get ingredients transported to your manufacturing site (on the Incoterms of your choice) exactly when you specify, ready for production.

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