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Aldi overtakes Co-op to become UK’s fifth largest grocer

Aldi has become Britain’s fifth largest supermarket, according to the latest grocery market figures from Kantar Worldpanel. For the 12 weeks ending 19 January 2017,...

Nutritionally-complete powder takes UK by storm

A new brand of powered foods has taken the UK market by storm. In the month since it first hit the shelves, the product has already sold out four times.

Huel products offer a complete nutritional solution without the need to buy, prepare and consume actual food products. The powder is made from a blend of protein, carbs and fats alongside a specific vitamin blend which provides 100 per cent of the UK government’s recommended daily intake. It’s ideal for dieting purposes, but also for anybody with a hectic schedule.

The product range promises to make health conscious Britons lives far more conveniently, the simplicity of the powder means there is no need to spend time shopping, preparing and cooking food - it takes less than two minutes to mix an entire day’s worth of nutrition.

The real food powders are specifically designed to deliver the required nutritional recommendations: rice and peas for protein, oats for carbohydrates and flaxseed, sunflower and coconut for fat, along with a vitamin blend to balance the powder completely. With producers keen to ensure the product can be consumed by anybody, Huel contains no dairy, animal products, soy, eggs or added sugar, and has a shelf life of over a year.

Julian Hearn, Founder of Huel, comments: “This product has been a long time in the making; it seems that it wasn’t so long ago that we could only imagine a world where we’d be able to consume everything our bodies needed without having our time taken up by planning and preparing meals – not to mention the washing up afterwards! This is now a reality for British consumers and we are excited to see how Huel changes the face of health for customers. Not only does the powdered food alternative free up the time and money traditionally spent on food for so many people here in the UK, it does so without compromising quality or nutritional value.”

“At every stage of the development process, our priority has been to keep the product as clean, true to life and as wholesome as possible. We have achieved our goal of delivering a balanced and healthy diet with 100% of the recommended nutritional value, without a lettuce leaf in sight! This is a real revelation for busy people wanting to keep their diet in check or simply want a fuss-free way to fuel their bodies.”

Origins, labelling & veganism tipped to shape food industry

Consumers in the US have a “growing appetite” for a deeper understanding of the origins of the food they’re eating, according to the International...

Holland & Barrett and Ocado Grab a real handful

Snacking start-up, Real Handful, has launched a new generation of nutritionally balanced trail mix inspired snacks, which have been snapped up by Ocado and...

Mars takes majority stake in Tasty Bite

Mars Food is set to acquire Preferred Brands International, the makers of ready-to-heat Indian and Asian products sold under the Tasty Bite brand. Although Preferred...

Renowned chef unveils plans for Culinary Academy

As a restaurateur, TV presenter and Guild for Chefs UK Master Craftsman, Chef Damian Wawrzyniak has a lot on his plate.

His latest venture is the establishment of the brand new City of London Culinary Academy, designed to help attendees develop unrivalled technical skills as well as gain invaluable insight into the art of classic cuisine and its origins. Set to open its doors in 2015, the academy draws on the experience of master chefs boasting over 30 years of culinary experience across the globe.

Overseeing the venture is Chef Wawrzyniak himself, experienced at Copenhagen’s two Michelin Star restaurant, Noma.

All class modules have been personally designed by Wawrzyniak who is now working on sourcing restaurant quality equipment and fine tuning the learning systems. As well as helping students refine tasting palates, sharpen knife skills and master presentation, Culinary Academy will bring a unique history aspect to the classroom. This module will delve into the origins of cooking in order to help students gain an enriched understanding of how modern cuisine has evolved over the centuries.

Wawrzyniak says: “Incorporated into the curriculum is a fascinating History of Cuisine module which delves into the origins of cooking and the techniques that were used thousands of years ago. Students will gain an enhanced knowledge of gastronomic history, learn about the historical significance of certain ingredients and explore the ways in which the culinary past has shaped the face of contemporary cuisine.”

Attendees of the Culinary Academy will enjoy state of the art facilities including a polyvalent room, food laboratory, multifunctional theory rooms and multimedia demonstration room where celebrity chefs will carry out professional demonstrations and master classes. The academy will also boast the highest quality equipment designed to simulate a five star commercial kitchen environment.

Lecturers hail from leading schools across the globe, handpicked for their exceptional teaching skills and great approach to student learning. Damian Wawrzyniak will assume the role of Head of the Academy, bringing a wealth of experience, expertise and unparalleled passion to the table.

The Culinary Academy will run short and long term courses, open to students across the UK. The highest performing chefs will be offered the chance to complete their training at a prestigious British restaurant where they can gain first hand industry experience with the country’s finest chefs.

With its cutting edge facilities, diverse curriculum and dedicated team of cookery connoisseurs, Culinary Academy is set to emerge as London’s premier institution for industry standard chef training.

Gerald McDonald celebrates centenary with visit from HRH Duke

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, fruit juice and herb/spice blender Gerald McDonald was visited by the Duke of Gloucester at its Essex HQ. Also in attendance...

Maple Leaf expands sustainable meat capabilities with Lightlife accusation

Maple Leaf Foods has picked up refrigerated plant-based protein manufacturer Lightlife Foods after signing a $140 million deal with Brynwood Partners. “Expanding into the fast...

UK’s food-to-go sector worth £23bn by 2022

The UK’s hunger for food-to-go shows no signs of abating with the latest forecasts claiming the sector will be worth £23.5 billion by 2022. IGD...

Unilever adds GSK’s Health Food Drinks to pipeline with £3.1bn deal

Unilever has acquired the Health Food Drinks portfolio of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in a £3.1 billion deal that significantly boosts its presence in India. The portfolio...

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