Packaging and pathogens: air and surface disinfection for food production lines

Jenton International showcases at PPMA Total 2022 (Stand A50) the smartest way to keep packaging lines, food processing conveyors and workplace environments hygienically disinfected with JenAct UV. This September at the NEC, Birmingham, Jenton International revealed how to set workers’ minds at ease this winter when it comes to the on-going threat of coronavirus and other airborne illnesses. Showcasing the latest range of its cutting-edge UVC disinfection equipment, pathogens in the workplace pose less of a problem, thanks to JenAct UV’s air- and surface-disinfection solutions. Why UV? UV has been used for disinfection for over a century. UVC light is proven to kill bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 and drug-resistant bacteria, on surfaces and in the air. As such, the specialist lamps employed in JenAct UV equipment can be used to disinfect workplaces of all sizes, by effectively deactivating pathogens present by 99.99%. Scientifically tested, measured and categorised, performance can now be accurately and reliably modelled. To the extent that JenAct has perfected its UVC light solution by developing software which enables the company to match disinfection performance to customer requirements, including air flow and dimensions, as well as specified pathogens. Food packaging peace of mind Centrepiece of the JenAct display was the JenAct UV Roller Disinfection Conveyor. Delivering 99.99% disinfection of the surfaces of packaging and packaged products being transferred from low-care to high-care in food production facilities. Providing full 360-degree UVC exposure, disruption of the RNA in viruses and DNA in bacteria and moulds cell nuclei occurs on all packaging surfaces. By inactivating microbiological contaminants, it stops them spreading to the food being packaged. The result is dry, contactless and chemical-free inactivation of viruses, bacteria and moulds on anything where there’s a risk of cross contamination. An essential for the food preparation and packaging industry, the UV lamps used in both the UK-manufactured JenAct UV Roller Disinfection Conveyor and the rest of the range have been specially modified for use at cold temperatures. Ideal, therefore, for protecting people, products and packaging from dangerous bacteria and moulds. Additional JenAct UV products for air disinfection include wall-mounted GRU-V® systems for smaller spaces such as pubs, bars, restaurants and hospitality venues where there’s no existing HVAC system; UV Torpedo® systems to improve air quality in environments that feature HVAC and air duct systems; plus horizontally mounted UV Jet™ systems designed to disinfect up to 3,500m³ of air per hour in larger production spaces.

Mettler-Toledo introduces advanced X-ray to provide unrivalled detection of ‘hard-to-find’ contaminants

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection today launches its most advanced x-ray inspection technology to date, delivering a remarkable leap forward in the ability to detect low density contaminants in packaged food products. The new technology will help food manufacturers avoid product recalls, reduce unnecessary product waste costs and enhance product integrity and brand protection. State-of-the-art Mettler-Toledo DXD and DXD+ dual energy detector technology is optimised for identifying foreign bodies such as calcified bone, low-mineral glass, rubber and some plastics. These types of contaminants are traditionally hard to detect within the ‘cluttered’ or ‘noisy’ x-ray images generated by overlapping and multi-textured products such as packs of pasta, chicken breasts, sausages and frozen potato-based goods. Such applications are a perfect match for DXD and DXD+ advanced detector technology, in conjunction with intuitive new Mettler-Toledo Advanced Material Discrimination software tools. The software helps to separate and remove the prominent material of the food product within the x-ray image, revealing the presence of any lower density contaminants. As a result of the accuracy and reliability of DXD and DXD+ detection, food manufacturers can be more confident that their products are safe for consumers, and that they will benefit from reduced False Reject Rates and product waste, helping to deliver a fast return on investment.

Kite’s food packaging picks

With most UK consumers back at their places of work post-covid, people are spending more time commuting and for many, food-to-go offers convenience whilst juggling commitments. As a food vendor, choosing suitable packaging is paramount as it can make or break the perception of your brand. Kite Packaging has you covered, offering everything from cutlery, straws and cups to takeaway boxes, bowls, paper bags and more. Our paper food bowls are ideal for both hot and cold foods. Their exterior is manufactured from strong, sustainable kraft paper while the PE-lined interior protects against moisture and grease. This maintains the integrity of the container and, alongside being microwavable, enhances the overall experience and convenience of ordering from your business. If takeaway boxes are better suited to your needs, pick from our breathable, odorless hinged lid and clamshell varieties for the freshest possible impression on arrival. These are leak-resistant and greaseproof due to their water-based coating, granting optimum protection. For takeaway drinks, consider our coffee cups which, in spite of their name, are suitable for both hot and cold beverages. Durable, double-walled and ergonomic in design, these cups aid safe and comfortable on-the-go consumption. Not to mention, they are made from virgin food grade materials, certifiably suitable for food and drink, ensuring optimal hygiene. We offer a comprehensive range of eco-friendly wooden forks, knives, dessert spoons and teaspoons to complete any order. These are only as durable as is needed for single-use, aiding an accelerated composting process which returns natural components to the earth rather than landfill. Compact and lightweight, our cutlery promotes user satisfaction whilst enabling easy storage on the business end. Kite Packaging is the one-stop shop for all your food packaging needs. To explore our full range, please visit

CSB provides a sweet solution for bakery specialist

Cypriot bakery and confectionery specialist Zorbas Group – now a player in the international market with outlets in the USA – has cited the IT solutions of CSB-System and the strong partnership between the two companies as key factors in its continued success and growth. The single CSB ERP system that is used throughout the group and powers its web shop is providing Zorbas with full integration across the company, with faster and more flexible logistics procedures and production processes, and optimisation of its supply chain. Established in 1975 by Andreas Zorbas as a small bakery in the backyard of his house in Athienou, a small town in the province of Larnaca, today the Zorbas Group has three production units featuring the latest equipment and technology. The company has 69 stories throughout Cyprus, along with two recently opened outlets in the United States and a third scheduled to open shortly. With over 2,500 employees, Zorbas Group says that people have always been the most decisive factor in its growth. Supporting their commitment has been the company’s efforts to constantly evolve and upgrade its technology, working hand in hand with CSB-System. Today CSB’s ERP system provides a point of reference for Zorbas Group’s entire IT. All stores and production facilities directly enter their orders in the company’s Webshop order systems, where available stock is checked in real time. Based on these orders and current inventory levels, the Production Planning and Scheduling program (PPS) of the CSB system calculates the production plan. Significantly, the real-time analysis of data from other divisions of the company, such as sales or the warehouses, allows the system to supply raw materials at the correct time. “This makes it possible for us to have fresh ingredients always available, while at the same time reducing waste,” explained Zorbas Group’s Software Administrator Marinos Magafas. The CSB solution also delivers effective quality control in goods receiving and production. Managers from all the different production sites can access the latest statistics at any time, providing flexibility and full control for each of the individual operations. “Without the integration of all company areas in a single software system, it would probably not be possible to achieve this high level of transparency,” added Marinos Magafas. The use of mobile devices makes the qualitative and quantitative control processes of incoming goods faster and more flexible. From the storage of incoming raw materials to their movement throughout the factory, and from order-based handling and picking with automatic document management to route optimisation, all activities are executed using flexible and intuitive M-ERP procedures. Production processes are also monitored and controlled via CSB-Rack industrial computers with touchscreen technology that are installed in many areas of the factories. For onward distribution, orders are loaded onto trucks in accordance with the planned routes, ensuring maximum load volumes and weights. Zorbas Group’s main activity is the company’s Zorbas Bakeries where bakery and confectionery products, along with cooked meals, salads and sandwiches, are on sale. All items prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Every Zorbas bakery stores also includes a ‘Coffee Berry’ coffee shop selling and serving the finest coffee and other beverages. The company’s love for and specialisation in international cuisine and confectionery has also led to the creation of the ‘Pralina Confectioneries’ and the ‘Pralina Experience’ restaurants in Nicosia and Limassol.

Visit SCOTT at the PPMA Total Show to discuss your next palletising project

Visit SCOTT on stand H50 at the NEC Birmingham from 27 – 29 September to see its complete portfolio of palletising solutions and case studies, including the latest PAL 4.0 range. SCOTT’s team will be happy to discuss your upcoming automation projects or just to have a chat with you. 3 reasons why you should take this opportunity and meet with SCOTT:
  • Let SCOTT’s expert team share their advice based on decades of experience
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  • Find out how SCOTT’s unique multiline palletising systems can save you a lot of valuable space
Learn more and get your free ticket here: See you in Birmingham.   +44 (0) 1384 210 278

‘The Future of…..’ PPMA announces its three-day seminar programme for PPMA Total Show 2022

PPMA has announced the schedule of its three-day onsite Seminar Programme, which will run daily during PPMA Total Show 2022, the UK’s largest processing and packaging machinery, robots, and industrial vision show. Entitled ‘The Future of….’, the free-to-attend seminars will comprise informative presentations, interactive discussions and industry insights delivered by a range of organisations and respected industry experts. The programme has been compiled specifically to address a wide range of issues facing UK industry, both today and into the future. Topics include the latest smart manufacturing solutions, next generation automation, IoT (Internet of Things) and business innovation, as well as workplace and employee wellbeing, cyber security, vision system integration and robotics. Delegates can also learn about the latest product compliance, anti-counterfeiting and import regulations, sustainable solutions and new product testing, and gain invaluable advice on how to achieve processing and energy cost reductions. The seminars will take place concurrently in Theatre 1 (Stand D124) and Theatre 2 (Stand C124) in Hall 5 at the NEC Birmingham starting at 10.00am each day on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th September. For more information, go to: For your free visitor pass to PPMA total Show 2022, go to:

Investindustrial invests in Eataly, a global Italian heritage restaurant and food retail group

An investment company of Investindustrial VII L.P. (Investindustrial) and Eataly S.p.A. (Eataly) have signed an agreement to support the international growth of Eataly, the ambassador of ‘Made in Italy’ food, which for almost 20 years has been promoting the sale of high-quality Italian food products and restaurant concepts in prestigious locations globally. The transaction provides for an investment of €200m and a concurrent purchase by Investindustrial of a part of the shares held by existing shareholders, which will lead to Investindustrial becoming the majority shareholder. The transaction provides that, at closing, Investindustrial will hold 52% of the company, with the existing shareholders Eatinvest (Farinetti family), the Baffigo / Miroglio family and Clubitaly (Tamburi Investment Partners) owning the remaining 48% of the company. The investment will allow Eataly to retire net financial debt and maximize financial flexibility for the group’s global expansion plans. Eataly runs its business according to a sustainability philosophy which aims to provide continuous support for local agri-food supply chains and the export of excellent food products. The capital injection reinforces the company’s role as the global ambassador of ‘Made in Italy’ food excellence through both the opening of flagship stores and the development of new formats, as well as enabling the acquisition of all the minority shares in Eataly’s existing US business. Nicola Farinetti, who currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer, will assume the position of chairman of the company. A new CEO will be announced shortly with the mission of leading the company into its next phase of growth on a global scale. Investindustrial, the Farinetti family, the Baffigo/Miroglio family and Clubitaly (TIP) intend to continue to support the development of the business, both through opening new flagship stores and new formats in large cities, as well as continuing along the path of sustainability that has characterized Eataly since its inception. Eataly’s growth will be supported by Investindustrial and its knowledge of the food sector and its presence in the Italian, European, North American and Asian markets. Headquarted in Italy, Eataly will continue to expand in foreign markets such as North America, where it is already active with 8 flagship stores, and through continued development in Europe, as well as the Middle East and Asia, where the group is present with 16 franchise stores. Andrea C. Bonomi, chairman of Investindustrial’s Advisory Board, said: “We are delighted to be able to support Eataly, an example of Italian excellence in the world, as a long-term partner. Thanks to the vision and entrepreneurial ability of the Farinetti family, Eataly represents a unique and innovative player that has led the revolution of the concept of high-quality Italian food all over the world. “We look forward to supporting Eataly by leveraging our deep experience in helping companies grow globally with the highest ESG and sustainability principles. The collaboration between Investindustrial, the Farinetti family, the Baffigo/Miroglio family and Clubitaly (TIP) is focused on supporting Eataly’s next stage of growth, preserving its unique DNA and maintaining its profile of sustainability, supply chain control and integrity.” Nicola Farinetti, CEO of Eataly, said: “The agreement we signed launches a strategic partnership that propels Eataly into a new phase of its history, by accelerating its international growth. This partnership will allow us to strengthen our unique format worldwide, promote innovative projects related to innovation and enhance our capabilities. “We are happy to take this new path together with such a reputable partner as Investindustrial, who shares Eataly’s values and vision, and has chosen to support us in achieving our goal to be the Italian ambassador for ‘Made in Italy’ around the world. “The know-how and resources that Investindustrial will bring to the Eataly model represent an extraordinary lever to look to the future with greater confidence and momentum, strengthened by our history and in continuity with the results achieved to date thanks to the work of all of Eataly’s global team members.” Advising Investindustrial were Studio Legale Chiomenti and Kirkland & Ellis as legal advisor, Deloitte as accounting and tax advisor, Boston Consulting Group for the commercial due diligence and UniCredit as financial advisor. Investindustrial has also been supported by Ramboll (environmental, health and safety) and by WTW (insurance). Eataly was supported by Studio Legale e Tributario Fivelex, for the legal aspects of Italian law, as well as by Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP, Danow, McMullan & Panoff, P.C. and Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP, for legal matters in the United States, as well as Biscozzi Nobili Piazza in Italy for tax matters.

Lotus Bakeries Partners with Cinnabon

Lotus Bakeries and US bakery giant, Cinnabon, have announced an exciting new partnership, in what will be the company’s first brand collaboration in the UK. The pair have joined forces to create three indulgent treats which are hitting 28 Cinnabon counters across the UK from September 9th. With three mouth-watering bons to choose from, the iconic caramelised flavour of Lotus Biscoff perfectly pairs with Cinnabon’s aromatic freshly baked dough to create the most decadent of flavour combinations. Lotus Biscoff Bon  A delicious Cinnabon roll, topped with frosting and fused together with Lotus Biscoff topping sauce, Lotus Biscoff crumbs, and a Lotus Biscoff biscuit. Lotus Biscoff MiniBon The world-famous cinnamon roll, just slightly smaller. The MiniBon, topped with frosting and fused together with Lotus Biscoff topping sauce and Lotus Biscoff crumbs. Lotus Biscoff BonBites x 4 Adorably bite-sized Bons, drizzled with Lotus Biscoff topping sauce and finished with Lotus Biscoff crumbs. Frances Booth, UK category marketing manager at Lotus Bakeries is delighted to be partnering with Cinnabon UK’s master franchisee, EG Group: “We love nothing more than working with new partners to bring our customers exciting new creations that provide a whole new Lotus Biscoff taste experience out of home. We know that combining the on-trend and much-loved flavour of Lotus Biscoff with Cinnabon’s iconic cinnamon roll recipe is a winning combination and we can’t for our customers to taste this delicious collaboration!”

Dynamic team expansion continues at Newsome

The wealth of industry expertise within the Newsome team continues to grow thanks to a number of recent experienced hires – assisting the temperature control and humidity experts towards achieving their aim of becoming the largest privately owned temperature control company within the UK. Malcolm Edwards has recently joined Newsome as technical manager, having previously worked at ICS Cool Energy Ltd for over two decades. He brings extensive industry experience from across process cooling & heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sectors. Additional recruits include Glenn Scott and Craig Scott, who both join from ICS CE and bring extensive knowledge of the process cooling sector thanks to almost three decades of experience within the industry. Glenn joins Newsome as a lead technician with Craig becoming a Newsome senior service engineer. Furthermore, Jack Mallinson has also joined the temperature and humidity control specialists as a contracts manager, having previously worked for Fredshaw & Co. Richard Metcalfe, director at Newsome, said: “We are so thrilled to welcome Malcolm, Glenn, Craig and Jack to Newsome. They all bring with them expert knowledge and practical experience that will only serve to improve our offering to customers, as we strive to provide the best solutions available. “Recruitment remains a key part of our strategy to enable us to meet our ambitious growth targets. We pride ourselves in providing a personalised approach which enables us to deliver the most cost effective, energy efficient, sustainable solution to customers. Having the right team in place to deliver this is crucial to our continued success.”

Functionally charged proteins clean up labels in meat alternatives

Start-up Meala FoodTech Ltd. is breaking new ground in cleaning up labels in meat analogs using veggie protein. Meala’s proprietary platform creates functionally activated proteins designed to replace 1:1 methylcellulose and other hydrocolloid and gums widely used in meat replacements as binding and gelling agents. Meala’s multi functional proteins vastly improve the texture of meat alternatives to more compellingly mimic the organoleptic qualities of real meat. While the plant-based category continues to gain momentum, alt-protein food formulators still struggle to raise the clean-label and mouthfeel of their products up to par with traditional animal-based counterparts. Currently, popular meat alternatives such as veggie burgers and sausages typically contain a long list of ingredients, some with complex chemical names unfamiliar to consumers. This renders them as “ultra-processed” products and risk rejection. One of the more popular of these is methylcellulose. Methylcellulose (food additive E461) is a water-soluble polymer that has been chemically modified from natural cellulose. It appears in a broad scope of meat, dairy, and egg analogs as a thickener, emulsifier, binder, stabilizer, and gelling agent. It gels when exposed to heat, giving a more meat-like sensation but returns to its viscous state when cooled. As plant-based proteins have low water retention capacity and can’t bind, hydrocolloid like methylcellulose are essential. Hitting the clean label spot Most meat alternatives on the market contain veggie protein (usually soy) combined with water, methylcellulose, additional stabilizers, flavors, colors, and fat and at large fail to meet the clean-label standards today’s consumers’ demand. But more than that, they still don’t quite hit the desired meat–like sensation. “If you break down the ingredients list of a real meat burger, its composition will be meat, fat, some carbohydrates, spices, salt and pepper,” explains Hadar Razmovich, CEO and co-founder of Meala. “Our vision is for plant-based alternatives to sport a similar short list of simple, recognizable ‘home kitchen’ ingredients while delivering the same full-bodied flavor and texture of real meat.” Alt-Meat Makeover MEALA’s solution is produced using naturally occurring biocatalysts, enabling it to function as an exceptional methylcellulose replacer. Its platform works with a versatile range of plant proteins, creating from them a stable hydro-gel when heated, but without changing its behavior when cooled. The Meala’s platform can be easily integrated into CPG products through existing manufacturing lines. “In lab trials, our product demonstrated superior water retention capabilities and gelation properties,” asserts Liran Gruda, CIO, chef, and co-founder of Meala. “It exhibits a more fat-like quality when infused into meat analogs, tendering a juicier and more succulent bite. Meala is an all-encompassing solution that can replace not only methylcellulose but a whole system of stabilizers that are commonly used. It significantly improves texture in meat analogs, with no aftertaste yet with a nicely ‘polished’ label.” First target: alternative meat Meala’s products will appear on an ingredient panel simply as a protein, such as pea or soy, and makes up roughly 4% of the end product. The company reveals that its protein has already passed proof-of-concept trials in plant-based burgers, kebabs, dumplings and similar meat analogs manufactured for alternative meat producers and foodservice. Meala will focus on this sector before expanding to dairy, fish, and egg alternative products. “Some of the leading plant-based meat brands sparked a true revolution with products that much more closely imitate ‘meaty’ textures and flavors,” admits Amir Zaidman, Chief Business Officer of The Kitchen FoodTech Hub. “Unfortunately, it is challenging to replace additives consumers do not want in their foods. We are extremely excited about Meala’s breakthrough B2B platform and the possibilities it opens for plant-based brands. We believe this can be a giant step in making plant-based foods the standard.”