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Nestlé launches organic versions of family favourite cereals

Nestlé is meeting consumer demand for organic food products for the family by launching organic versions of its family-favourite brands. Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), the...

Tesco launch vitamin D enriched mushrooms

Tesco is exclusively launching the UK’s first ever range of mushrooms which are grown in extra light to naturally enhance their vitamin D levels...

The Black Farmer launches antibiotic-free pork

The Black Farmer claims to be the first mainstream brand to launch a range of pork products from animals reared without antibiotics. In the run-up...

New look, logo and website for UK coffee company

Coffee sourcing, roasting & packaging specialist, Lincoln & York, has revealed a new corporate identity following significant expansion. The rebrand includes a new logo and completely redesigned website now live at www.lincolnandyork.com.

The rebrand, which has been created in partnership with a local design agency, features a modern look and feel, with fresh new photography and videography inside the roastery.

Lincoln & York, which holds the largest roasting capacity in the UK, decided it was time to evolve the company image to better reflect the business, which has doubled in size in recent years. In 2014 alone, Lincoln & York installed the UK’s largest coffee roastery and became the only large coffee roaster in the country to have its own on-site contingency operation.

James Sweeting, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Lincoln & York explains: “For a while we have felt that our corporate identity had been outgrown and we needed an image to better reflect the ability, scale and expertise of the company and our people. We are very pleased with the update and hope it will equip us for our expansion into Europe over the coming years.”

Gina Reay, Marketing & Communications Officer at Lincoln & York adds: “As a private label coffee company, our range of products and services is very complex. In order to update our branding, a lot of work has gone into clearly defining our business which included conversations with many customers, suppliers and industry contacts.

“We first identified the five core values of the company – Discretion, Consistency, Flexibility, Knowledge and Working with the right people – and then developed the new branding from here. We’re very proud of the new look, please head over to the new website at lincolnandyork.com to browse and let us know what you think!”

Clinton Foundation supports Oakland startup to reforest Haiti with new superfood

Moringa Program Aims to Improve Nutrition, Empower Women, and Expand Agricultural Economy. Chelsea Clinton announced her support onstage at the Clinton Global Initiative...

William Chase launches ‘Fit Corn’ popcorn

British entrepreneur and founder of Chase Distillery, Will Chase, is set to re-enter the food market with the launch of a brand new range...

Soda folk launch UK-wide root beer and cream soda

Emerging drinks brand Soda Folk is breaking into the UK market with the nationwide release of its American style craft sodas, securing listings with Selfridges and Byron restaurants.

Soda Folk was founded by Colorado native Ken Graham, who, when he moved to London, found himself homesick for Coloradan Root Beer. The FSA crackdown on products with excessive additives led to the banning of American Root Beer imports which largely list Benzoic Acid. Ken decided it was high time he brought craft sodas to Blighty, with nothing artificial added, just the best quality ingredients he could find and simple recipes that deliver on taste.

Ken’s home state of Colorado is famous for its skilled craft-brewers; inspired by these breweries high in the Rocky Mountains, he created Soda Folk’s recipes. Just as with craft beer, Soda Folk uses only the highest quality ingredients, to ensure great-tasting refreshment every time.

Soda Folk cream soda is made simply with carbonated water, pure cane sugar and Madagascan vanilla extract, packing a luxuriant flavour punch, ideal for pairing with food, supping alone or as a partner to a smooth dram of Bourbon.

Likewise, its root beer soda is made with a base of carbonated water and pure cane sugar, but is taken spicy new heights with the uniquely pungent and piquant root, wintergreen - the flavour and aroma is not too distant a cousin from dandelion & burdock – before rounding off with aged vanilla and pure maple syrup. It makes an ideal pairing to the classic American hamburger, a novel cocktail ingredient and is taken to a whole new level as part of a Root Beer Float.

Ken says of his inspiration behind the brand: “Growing up in Colorado, I was obsessed with Root Beer, our supermarket shelves were stocked with dozens of locally brewed varieties, and I drank as much of it as my parents would allow. I knew I wouldn’t be able to give up on Root Beer, even if I was nearly 5,000 miles from home, so I started Soda Folk to introduce Britain to America’s best soft drink. We make the kind of root beer I grew up with: all natural, sweetened with cane sugar, with the perfect blend of sweetness and bite. I just knew that the British public was going to love it too!”

Scott Winston, Selfridges Grocery Buyer, comments: “With the craft soda revolution gaining pace in America and the hard soda trend coming to our shores, we’re excited to be the first to take Soda Folk root beers and cream sodas to our shelves; as always, we strive to promote exciting and innovative young brands and are supporting the new listing with Soda Folk’s involvement in this year’s ‘Meet the Maker’ campaign.”

The first restaurant group to introduce Soda Folk to their menu, Byron, is a keen supporter of this entrepreneurial young business. Tom Byng, Byron’s Founder, says: “We’ve long supported craft brewing, so we’re proud to be the first restaurant group to introduce Soda Folk to our menu. Ken’s craft sodas are the perfect match for our proper hamburgers: classic American flavours, made with great, simple ingredients, and lots of care and attention to detail.”

Launched into Selfridges, Byron and a raft of restaurants, bars, cafes and independent shops nationwide, Soda Folk is currently lining up a host of national stockists and premium retailers.

Fentimans boost beverage range with classic British flavour

Botanically-brewed drinks maker Fentimans has bolstered its craft beverages offering with the addition of an Apple and Blackberry flavour. The new flavour combines two quintessentially...

Frutarom Savory Solutions introduces new range of marinades

Inspired by both Asian and local cuisine, Frutarom Savory Solutions offers a new selection of easy to use marinades that will bring fresh new flavours to fish and meat dishes.

Frutarom’s new marinades Bali, Sereh and Delikata enable to put some variety on the table. They are versatile, simple to use and on-trend. By using the new marinades, all of which are without flavour enhancing ingredients, fish and meat dishes will be placed into a different light.

Providing Far Eastern flavours, Bali and Sereh score with their outstanding taste profiles and let you sample authentic Asian cuisine. Inspired by the popular Indonesian street snack satay, Bali is characterised by a distinct peanut flavour but does not contain allergen ingredients according to the recipe. Offering a variety of preparation options, including Saté-style skewers, it is perfectly suited for pork, poultry, lamb or shrimp. Sereh, meaning lemongrass in Bahasa Indonesia, is named after its main taste giving ingredient and provides a refreshing, zingy character that combines well with the earthy, salty tones of soy sauce. It enables the user to create versatile, Asian-inspired delicacies and is proven to work well with pork, poultry, shrimp and tuna.

Delikata, the third new marinade, capitalises on the current interest in traditional cuisine. Combining authentic tastes and flavors from the past and present, this marinade has a rustic onion flavour that goes very well with pork or beef, as well as lamb or halibut. It gives grilled meat a comforting, familiar yet innovative touch.

Rebel Kitchen launch UK’s first organic coconut yogurt made from young...

Following its acquisition of raw coconut water brand Unoco in January, Rebel Kitchen has launched the UK market’s first organic coconut yogurt made from...

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